taking a travel break

october 18th, 2016

is this thing on..?

Given that I’ve moved to Humboldt, I can’t imagine my Bay Area customers are reading this anymore, but in case a few still are, I’m taking a break for a while to travel.

My fiance and I have changed our plans from buying a house up here and we’ve decided to chase a dream by buying an Airstream. We’re going to travel around for a bit and see some things.

This is not the end of Tech Bandito, but I am going to change my focus from in home computer support. More updates to come down the road, but for now, I’m hitting that road for a while!

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Raul was born and raised in San Francisco and has worked in IT since 1999 for companies including The Geek Squad, Best Buy, CompUSA, Food.com, Wells Fargo, and Genentech. He's also a life long movie nut and home theater enthusiast with a passion for film making. Raul currently lives with his wife and their two dogs as a full time traveling digital nomad in an Airstream travel trailer.